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Istanbul Coffee Table

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  • Green
  • Walnut

Istanbul wooden coffee table with its elegant and distinguished design with Ronteam signature and decorative walnut and green lacquerware is a useful and aesthetic piece that will draw attention to every room where it is located, making classical appearance remarkable with fine details.  Istanbul coffee table, which appeals to those who are looking for a unique design and aesthetic even in the most basic furniture needed in every room, will be a distant but remarkable part of the design of the rooms, especially those with wooden tones. Istanbul coffee table, 60x60x65 in size is presented to you with decorative walnut coating on MDF and green lacquer. Lacquer is used on the feet which gives a stylish and smooth appearance is used. It has a lightweight structure that does not take up too much space, it is also available in natural colors as well as green.

60 x 60 x 65
MDF üzeri Ceviz ve Yeşil boya tabla, Beyaz lake boya ayak
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