Puzzle Mat + Pantone Cup Set
Puzzle Mat + Pantone Cup Set
Puzzle Mat + Pantone Cup Set

Puzzle Mat + Pantone Cup Set

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Cup Pantone tea and coffee cup with its large size, eye-catching patterns and colors;  makes drinking tea, coffee and other beverages more pleasant and stylish than ever before. Presented in 8,3 × 8,3 × 9,5 dimensions;  white, mixed colors of yellow, purple, orange, blue and green colors are available in Cup Pantone coffee and tea cups and are produced in porcelain, which is a healthy product which is frequently preferred in stylish kitchens. Ronteam's aesthetically pleasing design The Puzzle Mat wooden coaster can be used together with handy structure or separately, it is a part that will protect your furniture and contribute to the pleasure of your home and offices. The 22x18x1 Puzzle Mat coaster is produced using massive dibetu wood. You can use the product which is available for a long time with both hot and cold drinks.

Porselen Bardak

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